autoEdit 2

Fast text based video editing

Fast transcriptions

Always in under 5 minutes.

Video editing

Export text selections to video sequence.

Making video production faster, easier and more accessible.


Supports both video and audio files.


Word accurate timecodes.


Export video sequence to editing software of choice.

How Does it work?


Open a video or audio file.

More on this here

Select text from the transcription which is automatically generated by the speech-to-text API.

More on this here

Export video text selections as a video sequence EDL.

More on this here

Reconnect the EDL video sequence in video editing software of choice.

More on this here

Continue editing or export video.

Interactive Demo

  1. Click on new
  2. Then on Transcriptions
  3. Click on the title of the transcription

Then you can click on the words to jump to corresponding part in video.

Select some text. And export selections.

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User Manual

See the user manual for for a walkthrough on how to use it.

How can I get started?

  1. Setup Speech to Text service of choice
    • IBM Watson STT Service.
    • Gentle offline Open source STT.
  2. Download the last stable release of the Mac Os X app
  3. Check out the user manual for a more detailed tutorial

Open source

This is an open source project originally created as part of a Knight-Mozilla fellowship by Pietro Passarelli with the Vox Media product team. You can contribute and/or propose ideas you have for this project.

This tool is under development and you may find some bugs. In that case we will appreciate if you can fill an issue or get in touch .