There are two options for speech to text APIs that you can use with this system.

  1. One is the IBM Watson STT
  2. the Other is the open source Gentle STT.


IBM Watson STT Service


  • 16 hours a month included in service
  • 0.02 cent a minute after that see pricing
  • generally pretty accurate (my opinion, judge for yourself)
  • supports a number of languages see here including distiction between british and american english


  • Need to provide card details for pay as you go fee.
  • is in the cloud so no offline support.

Gentle Open Source STT



  • Not as accurate as IBM one (in my opinion, but decide for yourself).
  • Only support english STT.
  • At the moment not as fast as IBM one.


GET IBM Bluemix Speech To Text API Keys

Here to get API keys for IBM Bluemix Watson Speech To Text service

Add the API keys to the app at startup

When you first launch the app by double clicking on it a prompt asks for IBM Watson username and password API keys, these are then stored inside the app.

Getting started adding media

That’s it. the API keys are now stored inside the app with this one time setup. and you can now use the it.

Now you are ready to chose IBM as an option when adding a new transcription. Go back to the user manual to continue.

Gentle STT, Open Source, free and offline

first time setup

Frist time you launch this version of the app it will download the …

  • 1.Download Gentle version 0.9.1 about 104mb

  • 2.start the Gentle app

  • Enable full transcription, this will dowload the language model comonent to be able to work offline.


  • 4.restart the app

  • 5.the Gentle server is now up and running.

Future times, you just need to launch gentle anche check local host is working.

Launching Gentle’s local server

If you already done the initial setup downloading the language model as described above, all you need to do when using gentle is click open in browser


this will open your default browser with this page, and this means the Gentle server is running locally.


Now you are ready to chose Gentle as an option when adding a new transcription. Go back to the user manual to continue.