autoEdit 3

Making editing interviews
as easy as editing a word document

Automated Transcriptions

Use speech to text services to generate a first draft transcription.

Audio / Video editing

Export your digital paper edit / programme scripts as an audio or video sequence, in the editing software of choice.

Audio / Video production workflow

For interview based documentaries and factual productions.

(Audio or Video)

Audio or video fotoage from interviews.


Using an automated transcription service you can get a first draft that if needed can be corrected.


Hilighting and annotating the transcripts, identifying what stands out.


Identify topics, themes and categories to organise your hilights and annotations into a step outline of your story.


Expanding on the step outline with text selections from the transcripts of the interview it's part of the paper edit process to create a programme script.


Creating an audio or video sequence from the timecodes information of the paper edit, also knows as a "radio cut"

What's New?

Building on the success of autoEdit 2*,
this new and improved version takes the concept and ideas forward

* unfortunatelly autoEdit 3 is not backward compatible with autoEdit 2. Meaning that due to technical limitations you cannot migrate your projects from autoEdit 2 to autoEdit 3.

Some Features

Choose a Speech To Text service to generate a first draft transcription, and use the convenient timed transcript editor to correct the text

Offline Speech To Text option, using Mozilla DeepSpeech open source project.

Use the default hilight or create custom tags to analyse your transcriptions.

You can search across transcriptions in a project, as well as filter by speaker and custom labels.

Create a programme script with optional, section headers, voice over placeholder text and notes. And instantly preview your story.

Export your programme script in a variery of options to continue the editing in your audio or video editor of choice. You can also export as a word document, and as a low res audio or video file to share your progress with collaborators, and get feedbacks earlier on.


Open source

This is an open source project. It’s first version was a rough and ready proof working of concept, the second version (autoEdit 2) was originally created as part of a Knight-Mozilla fellowship by Pietro Passarelli with the Vox Media product team. This last version was initially started as one of the BBC News Labs open source projects (Digital Paper Edit).

You can contribute and/or propose ideas you have for this project. is free and open source. Free as in free speech as well as in free beer.


Sign up to the mailing list, follow on twitter and/or facebook to keep up to date with the latest releases. Say hi at, always curious to hear what autoEdit is helping you with.

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